Why organize an educational trip abroad?

The 2015 report on the evaluation of the Learning Away initiative by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation established some interesting findings relating to the benefits of residential trips:

  • 79% of secondary students indicated the residential had made them realise that what they learn at school is important to them.
  • 71% of secondary students said their teachers had a better understanding of how they liked to learn.
  • 87% of secondary students felt more confident to try new things they would not have done before the residential.

Other Benefits

“…….Teachers see students come out of their shells”…………….. This can help teachers back in school tap into interests to ensure learning is accessible as well as learning about the individual? s triggers and what may lead to a need to correct behavior”.

“ educational residential trips set the students up to call on new skills of self-management, such as:

  • Interpreting situations
  • Understanding risk
  • Resilience of the individual
  • Social interaction & understanding
  • Confidence to deal with new experiences”

Each of our Europe-based tours includes a local dedicated guide from the area to help immerse your group in the language, stories, culture and food of the region. Students expand their knowledge in the soft skills of personal development and cultural understanding.

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