What is included in the tour costs?

Accommodations, attractions, activities , transfers and meals as specified on your itinerary, as well as access to 24-hour emergency services. The booking confirmation letter provided by the teacher leading your trip has all the inclusion details for your specific program.

This is my first time traveling with students. Where do I start?

Don’t worry, we guide in every step of the planning and booking process! A staff member will work closely with you and will inform you of any materials you need to provide to us and any materials you need to provide to your students/parents. Please feel free to contact your team for any questions, or contact our customer service department at enquiries@schools-trips.com

What does Schools-Trips.Com Travel take care of?

We simplify your travel planning experience by coordinating and executing your tour’s hotel accommodations, meals, activities, and reservations, as well as customizing your itinerary. In addition, we provide full liability coverage, 24-hour emergency service, and a full-time tour coordinator who will help keep your trip operating smoothly. Our team will ensure a safe and educational travel experience for your students.

How are room pairings decided upon?

You will be responsible for putting together a rooming list that outlines the groupings. Your tour coordinator will specify how this must be done.

What type of hotels does Schools-Trips.com use to accommodate their student groups?

The hotels we use are evaluated based on a checklist of safety features and amenities and are of the highest quality.

What will meals be like?

Though meals differ from tour to tour, we always provide a healthy variety of options. Breakfasts usually consist of buffets with both hot and cold items. Lunches are typically stops at food courts, and dinners are usually sit-down meals at buffets, cafeterias, or family-style restaurants.

We welcome all dietary meal requests and can manage those requests in advance of the trip. Meals are a very important aspect to the overall experience of the trip. We allow you to customize each meal on the itinerary included.

Can parents participate in the tour?

Each trip is unique; therefore, parents interested in going on the trip should contact the Group Leader at the school. There may be an additional surcharge for adults depending on their accommodations.

What safety and security provisions do you take?

With every tour, safety is our top priority. Please read below for more details.

General Liability Insurance: When acting in an official capacity as a chaperone on a student tour, our General Liability coverage is extended to you. If desired, the school or organization sponsoring the trip can also be named as an insured party.

On Tour Healthcare Assistance :

Should a medical incident occur on tour, we have plans and procedures that ensure a quick medical response.

Our staff members receive regular training on our procedures, and group leaders have access to a 24 hour emergency medical line that is staffed by healthcare professionals. Our staff members are available 24/7 to provide assistance in arranging medical transport to the nearest medical facility.

Families should purchase an international travel insurance through an insurance company.

Contingency Plans for Travelers in Cases of Travel Delay

Should your group experience a travel delay requiring overnight accommodations or additional meals, the airline is obligated according to EU regulations to provide needed compensation and arrangements.

Who will lead the trip?

The official group leader is most often a teacher at school. The Group Leader is supported by other chaperones as needed, usually either parents of traveling students or other teachers or administrators at the school. This person is supported by Schools-Trips.Com specialists at the airport and at the hotel.

Please describe your liability coverage

Schools-Trips.Com are insured up to one million euro per each occurrence. Please contact your educational travel sales specialist if you require more information, we are more than happy to provide additional information.