After selecting a destination for your group, you will start promoting it to recruit students. There are multiple tactics that can be used to promote your tour and recruit students, but no matter which ones you use, one fact rings true: the earlier you start, the better.

On top of starting early, here are our favorite ways to promote your tour, recruit students and get them excited:

  • As soon as you know about your tour, make an in-class announcement, followed up by email reminders to your students, including details of the tour.
  • We will provide you with a letter to email it to parents that includes your itinerary, the tour price, registration information, payment information, a list of everything included on your tour and a bit about us.
  • Following your initial announcement, continue to keep parents and students in the loop about your tour by sending emails covering relevant subjects: Upcoming deadlines and events and fun facts about your destination.

You will host a parent meeting at your school. Prior to this meeting, our dedicated team member will work with you to identify the issues that must be addressed for parents.

Inspection Visit

Don`t forget the importance of an Inspection Visit.

We offer two nights, bed and breakfast accommodation for two people for confirmed bookings.

This is a valuable opportunity to cover aspects relating to risk assessments as well as providing you with a chance to find your bearings at your chosen location.

This can both provide peace of mind ahead of your educational tour and allow you the chance to visualise the transition from one excursion to the next.